‘Tuchel’ praises Pulisic ‘s versatileness to help ease the burden

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Thomas Tuchel is happy with the impact Christian Pulisic has given Chelsea at this time, as well as praised his versatility for helping to alleviate the pain the team has faced.

The Americas winger has started for Chelsea in six of his last eight games in all competitions. Having also featured in wing-back and forward

, Pulisic has only scored three goals and provided three assists in 18 games this season, but the 23-year-old has also helped the team. Playing in various positions was a replacement for Reece James, Ben Chilwell and Romelu Lukaku injured

. But at the end of the day they want to play, and it would be nice if they could play in different positions,” Tuchel said.

“You can always argue that playing one position is more consistent or better. But you may have fewer opportunities or more competitors. Because for the offensive line we have two or three players in every position.”

“So first it’s good. But it’s also a bad sign. Because that means we have issues with the left and right wing-backs due to injury and he helped us in that position

. He has played a lot, he needs to play a lot, he has the ability to help us.

Of course everyone wants him to have good statistics, everyone wants him to play effectively and we help everyone. People can get better, we can improve on that point. And we started from there, and that’s it.”