Melpud “Conte” urged 2 chickens to sign to strengthen the army

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The Daily Mail reports that Antonio Conte has urged Tottenham Hotspur to sign two new attacking players in this market,

with Spurs‘ performance improving by leaps and bounds. After the Italian manager took over as manager in November last year. They remain undefeated in the top flight

, however, the north London elite still has a lot to do if they hope to win trophies or win the Champions League next season. They are aiming to strengthen the army in the winter market.

Most recently, Conte has reportedly met with club chairman Daniel Levy to discuss plans for reinforcements this month. He called for the agency to sign two more offensive liners.

It is estimated that one of them is Adama Traore’s big muscled wing.  Wolverhampton Despite the news. That it may be taken to stand as a wingback. It is not the first time Conte has levelled criticism at his Spurs players and it will likely not be the last time, either.

Reports say Conte is keen on a striker as a back-up for Harry Kane, especially with Son Heung-min out of injury.

The report also reveals that Tottenham are open to the release of Matt Doherty, Tongi Endombele, Dele Alli and Stephen Bergwijn in this market.