“Kroos” said he couldn’t follow the Barca. I don’t know how much Xavi control

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Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has admitted he has not been following Barcelona in recent times. And do not know if the rivals have changed only under the supervision of Xavi Hernandez,

the “White King” army is programmed to compete with the perpetual adversary “Alien” in the Supercopa. 

The semi-finals are on Wednesday night, as the two teams league performances. Are skewed and there is a 17-point gap between the two

and when asked about the current situation of the opponents compared to last season, Kroos replied. “

Lately I haven’t been watching Barcelona games because I have to play our games and have more things to do than watching football,” Kroos said.

Kroos played a big part the last time Madrid won the Supercopa, back in 2020 and he is looking forward to the chance to lift the trophy for a third time, although he knows it will be no easy task.

“I’ve not watched many Barcelona games lately, I have other things to do and watch our games,” said Kroos at his press conference when asked about the difference in Xavi‘s team to Ronald Koeman‘s.

“But I know them well, they have some doubts but overall have a lot of high-quality people.

“It’s difficult to know who will play. But overall they still have a lot of high quality players.”