Bayern Munich confirm De Ligt has a knee ligament injury.

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Bayern Munich has confirmed that Dutch defender Matthijs de Ligt suffered a knee ligament injury in a cup match. While the sports media said it was expected that he might have to rest for 4-6 weeks.

Bayern suffered many losses from their latest appearance in the DFB Pokal. Where they were eliminated at the hands of a team from the Third Liga, Saarbrucken. With a score of 1-2 and had to sacrifice Matthijs de Ligt, who has a serious knee injury UFABET

The Netherlands international defender undergoes a thorough examination on Thursday. Before the club officially confirmed that it was a knee ligament injury. And will miss helping the team in many matches from now on.

“Southern Tigers” did not specify the exact duration of his recovery. But Bild, a famous media outlet, reported that the former Ajax and Juventus player will miss about 4-6 weeks. Which has become bad news for the entire club and national team.

Bayern Munich’s next schedule has a big game waiting in the battle of “Der Klasiker” which must visit Borussia Dortmund on Saturday the 4th, This November. While the Orange Knights have the final 2 matches of the Euro 2024 qualifying round. The situation of the team is hoping to get a ticket to the final round.