This is fine…’Lampard’ insists Toffee is not in crisis

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Frank Lampard insists Everton are not yet in crisis despite a series of disappointing performances that have dropped close to the relegation zone.

Monday night’s defeat to Tottenham leaves them just one point above the relegation zone,

however, with Lampard, who took over on January 31. Saying that this kind of poor performance is a normal occurrence.

“It’s not a crisis. It’s very normal and I’ve been through terrible situations before. I don’t need to say anything, but it’s a very bad situation, both personally and as a team,” said Lampard.

“That kind of thing can happen in football and where we’re at. I don’t think we will come back to win 15 games and finish in the Europa League area. The ufabet report

. You have to be honest with these players and they should want that. Because no one likes to lose on Monday night. As a player, I’ve been through it before.”

“A game like that will happen again but… That’s what we have to look at. It’s not a comfortable game to watch but it’s part of our job.”

Everton have lost seven of their last eight league games. The only game they have won is Leeds United, their team trying to escape relegation together.

Still, Lampard’s side have played one game fewer than 18th-placed Burnley and three games fewer than the bottom two of the table.