Klopp reveals when Van Dijk & Salah will return from injury

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has given an interview to update the physical conditions of two key players, Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah, when they will be back on the pitch. After being injured during. The FA Cup final game on Saturday night.

“What we understood initially was that Virgil van Dijk was not fit. For the match against Southampton tonight, although the injury was not serious. But I needed him to be the spectator,” Klopp told a press conference. The UFABET report

“Over the course of a long season, Van Dijk has been playing for the team almost non-stop and there have been weeks of games on Saturday followed by Tuesday. In fact, one athlete should not fight that hard at all.”

“Mohamed Salah is in a different situation. Both were injured in the FA Cup final, but now they appear to be in much better physical condition.”

“Believe it, believe it, Van Dijk & Salah are aiming to return to the starting XI in the final game over the weekend. or at least to participate in the competition which I had to check thoroughly again. Because our philosophy is not to force anyone to rush if they are truly imperfect.”