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fish shooting games

Fish shooting games are online gambling games that are very popular. And many websites have games to bet on as well. causing many gamblers to choose to gamble in this game Because it gives a game-like mood rather than placing bets in this fish shooting game There will be beautiful graphics. It’s fun to play and doesn’t have to be stressful. For newbies who have never played, may not understand the items in the game. because there are many So you have to learn before you actually play in your gambling website. So let’s take a closer look at Bing Fish games in general.

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Types of guns In fact, there are two types of guns in fish shooting games, namely, attack guns that focus on violence. This one will have a lot of attack power and speed as well. 

But the bullet will not penetrate the fish. because there may be something else to obscure the goal make the target escape. Or may be killed by other players first is to use this gun with the fish that swims slowly and is closest to the gun.  Is to die as quickly as possible This type of gun will focus on collecting points with small fish.

That swim in groups. And more importantly, the bullet still bounces from the edge of the scene. So we don’t waste any ammunition. The second gun is an attack gun that focuses on target shooting, that is, we have to aim at the target. When you can aim and shoot immediately. And this gun, when fired, will always follow the target. but may be weaker than the missile launch But if the body that we will shoot disappears from the scene The gun will stop firing. It mostly applies to item fish or to certain bosses.

How to play fish shooting game

For the types of fish that we will find in the game even more fish. generally have Ordinary fish that are small are easy to kill, but if they are large they will use more ammunition. for fish item This item fish has a light circle around it. It could be a crab or a jellyfish. If able to kill item fish You will get a special gun. Or maybe get other items Many people choose to shoot this fish.

We already talked about guns and fish in fish shooting games , let’s talk about bosses. Bosses are fish bosses if you can kill them. You can get a special bulge or get a high score. There are 4 types of bosses, namely, flashing bosses, such as tiger fish bosses, we keep shooting. Bosses like this are easy to kill.  

It is recommended to use a missile projectile to kill faster. slow moving boss quite tough It may take more ammo and time to kill. Such as the jellyfish boss, and later the bosses that appear very quickly, such as dragon fish, tiger fish, these fish may interfere with our target fish. And can cause the target fish to fall off And it’s very powerful And there are also switch-type bosses such as the Octopus Boss, making it difficult for us to remember which one has been shot. This way, you should use a bolt gun to kill in order to die faster.

                However, despite how easy it is to play fish shooting games You should gradually place bets, not placing too much. because if an error occurs so that you don’t have to regret too much Because it must be understood that all gambling is high risk.

The more bets, the higher the risk. Therefore, bets must be placed consciously. Because no matter what game it is, it’s all money, whether it’s coming or not. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this as well. For you, you have more chances to win.

                And here are some tips for playing fish shooting games that will make you have fun playing the game. and more joy to play For newbies, they should understand the rules of play. including how to bet If you’re not sure how to get the best of the best, I want you to give it a try. Because the spread will allow you to place bets correctly and get the real money you want.

                So, from now on, let’s play a better fish shooting game . We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Because it’s fun to play and get real money.