Fish shooting game techniques Make easy money in minutes

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Even fish shooting games are easy to play. But it requires different formulas and techniques to help you not miss your goals. Easier to earn rewards Fish shooting game, but that camp There will be more than 1 room level to choose from, divided according to the level of bets. Players can choose a room according to the funds they have. when entering that room There will also be other players in the room, starting with 1-6 people, but each person is in the game. Each will have a gun. fish shooting competition The ammunition used in the game is the funds we have. The ammunition starts at the satang digit to the hundred baht digit.

The principle is to shoot the fish to death, the dead fish will give the player a prize money. Fish shooting games have techniques that players should know as follows.

1. Choose the fish according to the capital.

In the fish shooting game, there will be fish for players to choose to shoot in many different sizes. Small fish are fish that are difficult to kill. But there will be not much prize money back as well. As for the big boss fish. It takes a huge amount of ammunition to kill in exchange for huge rewards. 

The technique that players should do is “level up” killing fish, starting with small fish. taking into account the capital in the pocket For example, you have 200 credits, but immediately think of killing a boss fish. It would not be easy to kill within the available funds. So players should start shooting small fish to accumulate capital first even though the prize money is small But it will increase your capital gradually. when there is a lot of capital then gradually climb to the level to shoot fish at the boss level later

2. Observe the swimming direction of the fish.

Each fish in fish shooting game There will be different movement patterns. When the player enters the game room The first thing to do before shooting is “Observe the swimming direction” of each fish. Choose to shoot fish that are swimming in through the barrel of our gun. The reason is if shooting fish that swim in the direction of the gun. will cause the player to move the barrel accordingly This gives the player a chance to miss shots. hit another fish cause accidental wastage of ammunition Losing free ammunition But if the player chooses to shoot only the fish that swim into the barrel less chance of failure Shoot for better results.

3. Choose a gun to suit the fish and situation.

Games have different types of guns for you to choose from. The more powerful the gun, the more expensive ammunition costs. This type of serious gun is suitable for use with big boss fish. Not suitable for shooting small fish because the prize money that will be returned will not be much Not worth the ammo we paid. Therefore, choose a gun that is suitable for the size of the fish. and there will be another type of gun That is a special gun, such as an electric stun gun, is useful. Help release electricity into the well. Slows the fish in the pond, swims slower, increases the shot duration for the player more. Therefore, players should choose the right gun according to the situation as well. to get the most cost-effective results

4. Not focusing on stealing chickens and shooting other people’s fish.

Players who have played fish shooting games before are probably waiting to shoot the fish that other players are shooting. to steal the chicken and shoot that fish in the last shot to win the prize money In the language of fish shooters, it is called “stealing fish”. This kind of action is a bad way. Because the chance that the player who is shooting the fish will stop shooting midway is very small. except that he ran out of ammunition. If we do not shoot continuously It will become that we lose the ammunition to help him shoot for free.

Another small technique In playing fish shooting game is “receive bonus”. Players can top up with a bonus claim. Gives you more credit for shooting. 

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