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E-Sport is an electronic sports competition.  Which has set up rules and regulations to be universal that when all contestants must follow which the competition will be classified both as a team and as an individual.  And divided into formats according to the types of amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals. Which each competition is held There will be a prize money as a reward for the winners. and is broadcast live to be watched all over the world You can come to ทางเข้า UFABET first. There are many famous casinos.

What is E-Sport betting??

E-sports betting is an online gaming tournament. That we know well, such asROV (Dota2). Pubgand others, are organized in the form of leagues or tournaments like general esports , where players bet. Make predictions on sports that offer betting in the E-Sport type of that website, e-sports betting on various betting sites Therefore, it is included in the website as an alternative to the bettor. in more form which bets or predictions on esport will have odds and odds Get involved, similar to football betting, boxing , which nowadays Get more and more attention This bet is not made by the players themselves. But it’s a bet on which player will win.

Popular e-sports game in Thailand

As has been suggested, esport is a competitive online game that has been upgraded to an international level. which is a popular game that is open to play in Thailand These online gamers or gamblers are probably well known. Popular e-sports games are as follows.

– DOTA 2 , a hit game with outstanding combat And in the competition there is the most prize money.

– CS:GO , a shooting combat game The most popular as well.

– LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (LOL) MOBA style game that is as popular as DOTA 2.

– PUBG , a game where players parachute onto the map and find equipment and arrange battles to survive with a lot of players in this game

– ROV , another very popular MOBA game as well.

Recommended games, it is believed. It is known to gamers for sure, making it easy for gamblers to bet on Esport . Because it is a game that is well known. Understanding the game and anticipating the outcome of the match It is not difficult for the gamblers who like it.