“Bruno” outraged the devil to bring confidence into the field

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Manchester United playmaker Bruno Fernandes has revealed they are full of confidence ahead of tonight’s game against Atletico Madrid

. “In the first leg of the Champions League Round of 16, which takes place tonight,

United have won two successive matches against Brighton and Leeds United after only drawing 1-1 in the Champions League. Two past games against Burnley and Southampton

, Bruno has revealed they are extremely confident. After starting to win continually

In the same way we have Rapha [Raphael Varane], who has won the Champions League four times.

‘Sometimes it’s about someone who has more experience, but sometimes it’s about someone doing it for the first time, because they’re hungry to do something well.

“I think our team is playing well. Even in games we didn’t win,” he said to ufabet

“of course it’s not perfect when getting the desired result. And we know that well.”

“Victory gave us more confidence. And it is important to play in this game. because it will be a difficult game.”

“Having confidence after winning makes you feel more prepared, more focused. and make me understand that if what we do is right and works When we follow the plan from the start of the game until the last minute. We can win.”