Want to insomnia sleep but can’t sleep

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Want to insomnia sleep but can’t sleep

I think everyone has had symptoms like this. It’s already midnight and I want to sleep. I’m trying to sleep. Time had passed until it was very late. But he refused to fall asleep.

Try using sheep counting techniques. It is believed that if you try to count 1 … 2 … 3 … you will start to feel sleepy. But wait, why are these sheep in your room? So why doesn’t counting work? My brain isn’t asleep yet.

People of all ages enjoy it. while trying to sleep But according to data, 50 to 70 million people in the United States suffer from insomnia, such as insomnia.

which sleep It is the cornerstone of a healthy and happy lifestyle. Snoozing your alarm makes your body more alert. But it will help your brain. sharp Responsive and supportive Ability to create new memories

There’s no magic formula for having those sleep disturbances, but research suggests that certain sounds It might help you drift off into dreamland. From white noise to Amazon sound Find out which sounds may help you sleep better.

science of sound and sleep (Things to know)

From studies related to primate brain It adjusts certain sounds during sleep. But the part of the brain that processes sound still does so.

People tend to be sensitive to reactions. Much less to ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app the environment When they have more time to nap than when they are awake, from a trusted source. But sensitivity to sound varies greatly from person to person. Some people wake up if a feather falls, and others can sleep through the sound of a solo trombone.

There was a neurologist. From the Department of Sleep Medicine said the sound that had been experimented Notice that while falling asleep or staying asleep, it can be alarming or relaxing.

Scary sounds can disrupt the sleep process. On the other hand, soothing sounds or “pink” sounds can help us fall asleep faster. and sleep more soundly From a reliable source

But it’s not always easy to know what reruns are. in low volume Will it relax or disturb?

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personal taste It determines whether you find it relaxing or disturbing. Sometimes we find that it sounds pleasant. Because there is a positive emotional connection. So the best pet barking sounds of humans, so it can be relaxing for people who like dogs

But there is a world of sound there, naturally. It may take some time to figure out which one is right for you.

with a neuroscientist It is recommended that you try using your voice. The specific time is at least a few nights To see if they really help you sleep better

Try some of the sounds below. To get time to turn on the sound before going to bed.

Noise (white  /  fan)

We will hear the sound but Just “hisssssssss”

White noise includes all sound frequencies. and can mask other sounds. Results of a study of insomniacs in intensive care units. suggests that white noise can be effective To manage insomnia symptoms yourself From a reliable source

But there’s a warning to be wary of white noise apps. This can cause damage to the auditory nerve. This is especially true for people who use headphones or have sensitive hearing.

It is also recommended to use electrical appliances. Free simulated sound white noise Which if it sounds similar to a fan

embrace nature

Ocean waves, wildlife, storms, thunderstorms, and even giant salamanders. It’s also a pleasant sound for falling asleep to.

Point out that natural sounds Less likely to disturb us than other sounds due to the volume. And the tones are often very different.

But there is a warning that people who use the sound of rain or the sound of the sea Make sure there is a bathroom nearby as the sound of water can trigger the need to use the bathroom. (The need to pee may be one thing that keeps you up at night.)

Play funky songs. (not very popular)

When your head is full of worries Keep you awake with music It might help you relax a little. But what type of song is best for this is anyone’s guess – it’s very much a matter of preference. (Give this baby like heavy metal as a sleep aid, according to the movie “Shoot ‘Em Up,” which is an unscientific source)

Avoid songs with lyrics. That might keep your mind active. Try using contemporary, classic, folk style, ambient atmosphere. or slowly instead If you use a radio or TV To listen to music use the timer. Loud noises can disturb your sleep at night whether you know it or not.

get personal

Sometimes there’s nothing quite as soothing as the sound of another human being. This may open a “port cache” to listen to news and various information, similar to parents telling stories to each other before bedtime.

Check out these exciting new apps that lull listeners to sleep with soothing sounds. Or you might save a close friend reading the instructions on Demonstration of muscle relaxation which will help you sleep