The symptoms of constipation can resolve and alleviat

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The symptoms of constipation can resolve and alleviat by the following methods.

1. Change behavior

50% of people with constipation can return to normal bowel movements. Just change your lifestyle which includes:

– Eat foods that contain more fiber or fiber. To increase the amount of stool and stimulate movement within the large intestine faster.

– Eat breakfast every day Because breakfast helps the stomach expand and stimulates the large intestine, causing the feeling of wanting to defecate. You should allow about half an hour for going to the bathroom after breakfast and walking after meals. Because the feeling of wanting to take a photo only lasts for about 2 minutes. The urge to defecate disappears and the stool becomes harder, causing constipation problems.

– Drink enough water to make the stool soft and easy to pass.

– Exercise and move your body regularly. To make the intestines move better

For those who still have problems in the beginning Your doctor may use laxatives to help. Once the behavior has been adjusted, then the medicine is stopped.

2. Natural bowel movement training (biofeedback training)

Many people pass their bowels incorrectly throughout their lives without realizing it, causing constipation. The doctor or nurse will give advice on how to practice defecation correctly. The principle is Practice breathing using your abdominal muscles instead of your lungs. and practice pushing using the abdominal muscles

In cases where it is suspected that there may be a problem with the anal sphincter muscle Your doctor may recommend biofeedback training along with high-resolution measurement of your colon and anal sphincter. (high-resolution anorectal manometry), which is a tool to detect abnormalities of the muscles in the pelvic floor and anal sphincter. To see whether these two muscles are relaxing or compressing in coordination with pushing or not.

In the case where there is no urge to defecate even though stool has entered the anus. This test also helps determine the sensitivity of the anus to stimulation. Air will be put into a balloon at the end of the patrol line. To stimulate sensation within the anus and see the patient’s response.

3. Using laxatives

Laxatives should be used as prescribed by your doctor and used sparingly. Because there are many types of laxatives. Each type works differently and may cause unwanted side effects.

4. Surgery

Surgery to remove the colon is a last resort to resolve constipation when other treatments are available. All of that didn’t work. Whether using laxatives or practicing straining, the colon still moves very slowly.

5. Acupressure massage reduces constipation.

Imagine that you are experiencing pain in your stomach. Stomach irritation like described above. Or even more difficult is that you are constipated, ทางเข้า ufabet have difficulty passing bowels, push and change your sitting position and still can’t come out. How to help relieve constipation If the shit doesn’t come out as quickly and promptly as possible, it must. Stomach massage to cure constipation, that’s all because our bodies work together in every part. The abdomen is considered to be the area related to intestinal function and most directly related to the excretory system. Therefore, reflexology Especially in the abdominal area, thus stimulating to excrete more easily. Better blood circulation And it only takes a short time.