“Get enough rest” and “exercise”, which is more important?

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exercising regularly He said it was good for the body. get enough sleep Studies and research say it’s also good for your body. And if we want to choose to do just one thing? Can it be done or not? And these two activities Which one is more important to the body? If the readers have doubts at this point as well, Hello Doctor, I have an answer for everyone. getting enough rest with exercise Which one is more important? So what should we choose to do more?

How is exercise good for health ?

The advantages of exercising We all know that it is a useful activity. Help strengthen the body to grow. have strong muscle and bone mass Stimulates the metabolic process Helps to control weight and control obesity. It also helps reduce the risk of getting various diseases. both chronic diseases and non-chronic diseases such as diabetes , hypertension, heart disease, obesity, cancer, etc.

getting enough rest How is it good for health?

restful sleep It is an important activity that the body cannot lack. Exercise, although not able to be done every day Just do it for some days, it’s okay. But it’s important to get enough sleep every day. Because of sleep that affects the immune system of the body directly. And affects concentration in concentrating on performing various daily activities. Including helping the body have enough energy and ready to do many activities the next day And most importantly, it affects the up and down of the weight as well. 

Between “get enough rest” and “exercise”, which is better?

If you try to sort it out. It can be seen that both activities All of them are important. Choosing to do just one of them Experts like Dr. Charles Czeisler, a sleep specialist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston. United States said

“It’s an option that doesn’t sound good for your heart. Because both getting enough sleep and exercising are all important things to the body. Choosing just one will surely have side effects on the body. Both getting enough sleep and exercising are correlated.”

Getting enough rest can help reduce the risk of muscle injury while exercising. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body may get sick more easily. Until unable to go to exercise Exercise also helps the body to fall asleep easily and sleep more soundly. The important thing is to help keep the body healthy. Far from the risk of various diseases.

Therefore, from the relationship between these two activities So we can’t choose to do just one thing. But these two things should be practiced as a daily routine. keep exercising regularly And should have enough sleep. to balance the body have complete strength To keep away from all health risks.