6 tips for nourishing your toenails to make them beautiful by yourself

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When it comes to toenails, many girls don’t pay much attention to them. But did you know that taking care of your toenails beautifully can help boost your confidence, especially for girls who like to wear shoes that show off their toes? Because if our toenails are beautiful No matter what kind of shoes you wear, you will be beautiful. So today we have a simple toenail care technique. which has guaranteed results to share with you

1. Scrub gently with a brush.

Taking care of your toenails must start with cleaning your feet thoroughly first. Because toenails are the part that is in contact with dirt most of the time. Therefore, there is an accumulation of bacteria that can cause a bad smell. Sometimes washing cannot clean everything. Therefore, you should choose a foot brush to scrub your feet. To remove all the dirt between the nails Which foot scrubbing should be done gently as a foot massage to stimulate blood circulation, making the feet healthy as well.

2.Nourish your nails

after polishing your toenails. Should be applied with foot cream or moisturizer that has properties that help nourish toenails and feet. To add moisture and strength to your toenails every time. Because nails are a type of skin that can use cream to nourish them. ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/

3. Trim your nails straight.

Toenails should be cut in a straight line. Do not cut in a curve along the inside of the nail. Because cutting curved nails can cause ingrown toenails in the nail crevices on the sides. But cutting your nails straight will not cause ingrown toenails. In addition, cutting your nails straight will make your nails look nice when painting and wearing shoes.

4. File your nails every time.

Filing your nails removes sharp edges from your nails. To prevent nails from being torn when they touch things, especially toenails that come into contact with shoes. to the feet regularly If you do not file your nails The nail can get caught and tear.

5. Avoid nail polish.

Painting your nails makes your nails look beautiful. But applying nail polish regularly can make your nails yellow. Because in the nail polish Whether it’s clear or opaque. They all have chemical components. Therefore, if you want your nails to be healthy, you should refrain from painting your nails with nail polish. And if you want your nails to look shiny, file your nails gently. The nails will look shiny and natural.

6. Eat food that nourishes nails.

Nails are like any other skin. that needs nutrients to nourish Therefore, you should choose to eat foods that help nourish your nails, such as egg yolks, salmon, chicken, coconut oil, nuts, and pumpkin seeds, etc., because the nutrients will nourish and strengthen your nails. There are no blemishes on the nails and they have a natural shine.

The nail care mentioned above can be done in a short period of time. I guarantee that if you follow this, your toenails will definitely look beautiful at all times.