6 primary symptoms that said you might “Lose to Sweat Yourself”

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Has anyone ever felt a stinging or itching sensation? In the area where the body sweats when we encounter the very hot sun? Whether it’s the neck, face, arms, legs, etc., it’s not enough, sometimes even hives, red rashes or rashes appear in the said area. Is it possible that we might be suffering from sweat allergies ourselves?

Allergic Dermatitis is classified as an allergy or allergic disease. Allergic reactions are often express in the form of a rash. But I must say that the sweat allergy itself is not caused by our sweat being toxic. Because some cases are caused by our skin that may already have other diseases such as psoriasis, ringworm, dermatitis. or other skin diseases ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

People who are at risk for sweats allergies

Pol.Lt.Col.Asst.Prof.Dr. Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University stated that sweat allergies can occur in all genders and ages. But those at increased risk are those with a history of allergies. skin allergy or other allergies such as those with allergic reactions have asthma, food allergies, or have a family history of allergies There will be more factors causing sweat allergies.

6 preliminary symptoms may be “allergic to sweats yourself”

  1. Most of the time, sweat allergies occur in the areas where you sweat a lot, such as your elbows, groin, neck, around your eyes, and your face. 
  2. profuse itching when sweating Especially in the areas that are prone to sweating a lot, such as the neck, face, groin, arms, legs, and crooked joints. 
  3. Every time you sweat, it’s often followed by a red rash or blisters. no matter how clean the environment is
  4. There will be blisters or allergic rashes on the skin. which will only last for a period of time and can disappear by itself But when will I sweat again? Itching will return. 
  5. There is a pimple on the area where you are sweating. But I have to say that many people think that they are allergic to sweat and have acne. Actually, the rash on the skin is a rash cause by allergies, not acne, or if you find that there are clear blisters. The appearance is similar to inflamed acne, requiring a dermatologist to determine the true cause of the disease due to an allergic reaction caused by sweat that will only show up in the form of rashes or itchy bumps and red spots on the skin.
  6. People who are prone to sweat allergies themselves may have had this disease before. whether chronic hives people with asthma or rhinitis

Self-treatment for allergies

When there is an itching or allergy to sweat Recommend seeing a doctor for oral medication and topical medication to reduce the rash and itching.

Prevention of allergic reactions to sweat itself

  1. Avoid places that are hot. To exercise, choose a well-ventilated location.       
  2. avoid stress
  3. Avoid hot foods, spicy foods, tea, coffee and alcohol.
  4. Wear light, airy, not tight, and well-ventilated clothes.