5 ways to care for your fingernails to be strong

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There are quite a few people who love to decorate their fingernails. Because whatever you pick up, you will see beautiful nails. Bright colors all the time But did you know that getting your nails done frequently? It is a risk factor for your nail surface to be damaged by chemicals over and over again…

Today, ยูฟ่าเบท There are some good tips. That will save women from having to sit and worry when they see their own nails being damaged. By helping to strengthen your fingernails yourself easily, you can do it at home and do it more often. Both your hands and nails will look soft, smooth, and pleasant to the touch, so that the guy next to you can’t resist reaching for them often.

1. Stop biting your nails

Some of you may be annoyed at yourself for having the habit of biting your nails often. which not only damages the nails It also causes tooth damage. Therefore, you should always trim yourfingernails. This will prevent the nails from growing so long that they can be bitten. Or try to intend You must stop this habit.

2. Eat good food + vitamin supplements

Nail’s food is high protein foods, including milk, chicken breast, fish or foods that contain iron, vitamin C, vitamin B, including brown rice, various green leafy vegetables. Eat regularly and you will have strong nails.

3. Avoid exposing your nails to alcohol.

Our nails often encounter alcohol in general hand washing gel. This is because these hand gels often contain chemicals and alcohol that are used to exfoliate the cuticles to wash away impurities. We can avoid this by using a spray which is targeted and less moisture is lost. If not, just choose a non-alcoholic one and that’s the end of the matter.

4. Apply lotion and hand cream regularly.

If you stay in an air-conditioned room every day for a long time It is possible that your skin is lacking moisture. Or if you like to wash your hands Various products It results in dry skin as well. Therefore, you should use lotion or hand cream regularly. Although the lotion Or will the hand cream be expensive? But trust us, it’s worth it than letting your hands get wrinkled. Plus, nowadays there are many brands to choose from. Try to find one that’s suitable for your skin. And applying it regularly will help. Of course, don’t forget to paint your heels as well.

5. Reduce frequent nail polish.

We understand that every woman wants to have beautiful fingernails. Colorful, cute, attractive, but doing your nails often It’s like accumulating chemicals on the nail surface. When the surface of the nail is damaged, it must be filed away. The more it makes the nails thinner. Therefore…for a long time It’d probably be better.